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FNHPA Sponsorship Program and TD Upskilling Program

By June 14, 2024No Comments

We’re delighted to be rolling out a new FNHPA Sponsorship Program and the TD Upskilling Program.

We know that the cost of our courses may have been a barrier in the past, but now housing staff from First Nations across the country will be able to apply to have their course costs, membership fees, conference registration costs and more, reimbursed by our sponsorship program.
Several different forms of sponsorship and tuition assistance are available to individuals working in, or aspiring to, positions within the First Nation Housing Industry who meet the sponsorship eligibility requirements of the program. The intent of the FNHPA Sponsorship Program is to assist those employed in First Nations housing with no or limited training and development funding to access professional support from the FNHPA. The objective of the TD Upskilling Program is to reduce barriers to accessing education and training through upskilling or micro credentialing support.

Please carefully review the application process, and what’s eligible for coverage, below. We’re delighted to be able to offer this support to housing staff and their communities and look forward to receiving your applications soon! Please note: We have a dedicated program for Housing Internship for Indigenous Youth (HIIY) interns and we encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity rather than applying for sponsorship here.

If you have any questions, reach out to our team at or 613-702-4498.

Sponsorship is available for:

• FNHPA Annual Membership: One year membership in FNHPA with full access to all resources to develop your professional capacity for, and knowledge of, First Nations housing.
• Workshops: Registration for an FNHPA workshop on a relevant topic to enhance your expertise in the subject matter.
• Annual Conference: Registration for the education packed FNHPA conference providing sessions on relevant topics to enhance your expertise and develop your professional network.
• FNHP Certification Courses: Registration for one of the five courses (either online or in-person intensive) leading to Certification as a First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP).
• Prior Learning Assessment and Review Process (PLAR) Application Fee: Application fee to attend briefing session and assessment of a completed PLAR portfolio by qualified assessors.
• National FNHP Professional Examination: If eligible, fee to participate in briefing session prior to writing the examination, and assessment of the examination by qualified markers.

Applicants must:

• Be First Nation
• Be employed in a housing department or management position in a First Nation and/or have served as an intern in the housing department within the past two years
• Reside or work in a First Nation
Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate:
• A history of successful completion of previous courses/workshops related to their work
• Financial need
• An interest in improving housing in their community

To apply:
Carefully review the instructions and eligibility requirements on the application form below and submit it via email to Applicants do not need to specify which program they wish to apply to as our assessors will make that decision internally.

FNHPA Sponsorship Application Form