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NALMA Training

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NALMA Specialized Training

NALMA strives to take the leading role on First Nations land and environment management, and works actively toward enhancing technical and professional development through training and education while embracing Aboriginal culture, traditions, and values.

NALMA offers Specialized Training to land managers and other key stakeholders to address the complex nature of land management and various subject matter areas that impact land management on First Nations.

For a detailed list of NALMA Toolkits, visit their website here. 


Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP)

In order to implement the Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP), NALMA, in collaboration with INAC and subject matter experts, developed the Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP). NALMA’s PLMCP is used across Canada to signify that a Land Manager meets specific criteria, keeps current in the field, and adheres to a professional Code of Ethics. It represents both an achievement and a responsibility for the individual Land Manager.

A Land Manager successfully completing Level One: Post-Secondary Training and Level Two: Technical Training will be eligible to receive a Professional Lands Management certificate from NALMA.

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There are currently three post-secondary institutions with options for completing Level One of PLMCP available: Algoma University, University of Saskatchewan, and Vancouver Island University. Each program offers different courses and formats.

The Kanawayihetaytan Askiy (KA) Program at the University of Saskatchewan

For more information about the KA program, please click here

Aki and Environmental Stewardship Program at Algoma University

For more information about the Akii and Environmental Stewardship program, please click here

Professional Indigenous Lands Management Certificate at Vancouver Island University

For more information about the Professional Indigenous Lands Management Certificate, please click here

The Technical Training, delivered by NALMA, deals with specific roles and responsibilities of a First Nation Land Manager operating under the Indian Act (RLEMP).

Students will learn the basic concepts and knowledge that govern land management activities, assisting them in their role as a Land Manager. Technical Training provides the student with skills such as: interpreting policies and procedures, recognizing appropriate authorities, understanding legal rules enabling or constraining land management decisions.

For additional information about NALMA’s Professional Lands Management Certification Program, please click here

For more information about NALMA, please visit their website.

National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association Specialized Training.

2024-2025 Level II Program Schedule