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How to Join BCALM

National Aboriginal Land Management Association (NALMA) Head Office consists of Lands Managers from across Canada. BCALM is one of eight Regional Lands Associations (RLA) that make up the corporate body of NALMA. The Chairperson or President and the secretary for each of the 8 RLAs hold one seat on the NALMA Board. This model encourages a constant dialogue between Regional and National stakeholders to address the complex matters that arise in Land Management. Knowledge of Aboriginal Land Management has not been adequately represented in secondary or post-secondary institutions.

Membership has many benefits, including information exchange and networking with fellow First Nations land professionals, training, and workshops.

What are the Benefits?

  • Travel sponsorship to BCALM training sessions/workshops/meetings
  • Access to networking, peer support and opportunities with other First Nations Land Managers to address unique land management issues
  • Access to Land Management training and development opportunities
  • Access to NALMA’s Online Land Management Resource Library peer site
  • Resource links for materials forms, manuals, and presentations
  • Access to NALMA’s network of Land Managers
  • Access to technical expertise on Land Management issues
  • Priority notice of NALMA’s Specialized Training opportunities
  • Share your input into BCALM training & networking future/new opportunities
  • Access to the PLMCP (Professional Lands Management Certification Program), a certification for Lands Managers in BC regarding professional development for First Nations Lands Management and Administration
  • ISC resource and services

How to Become a Member?